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December 7, 2016
Suyud Margono & Associates

Welcome to Suyud Margono & Associates Law Firm. We give complete range of law services to protect your all legal aspect, especially in Intellectual Property Rights.

Here the legal services and the benefits that you can get :

Suyud Margono & Associates Overview

In this contempory age, justice and their legal protection have become a deep concern of nations all over the world especially in Indonesia. These era bring a changed for our society trough circle to litigious culture in business or mistake and differences. Then, the legal basic as the final purpose to their justice.

Bearing in mind the effective importance of Legal Basis System for enforcement and community protection, the Law Firm Suyud Margono & Associates know as "SMA" aware in disseminating the importance of law, whereas belong of apart of professional legal services.

Suyud Margono & Associates Law Firm, was first engaged in the corporate & commercial advocacy in 1999. Our firm plays an integral role in fulfilling commitment to providing clients with comprehensive service through all stages of intellectual property protection, management and exploitation. The Lawyers of firm of “SMA” is a member of national and International Law, i. e an International Bar Association, Chartered Institute of Arbitrator. Through this world wide network, the firm has access to national and international expertise and colleges in an even wider array of special fields, such as Corporate & Commercial Law, intellectual property law, etc.

Our experienced legal team can provide you with specialist advice on all aspects of intellectual property, business and technology. Our professional staff meet on a regular basis discuss developments in intellectual property area and their implication for our client. We are committed to the highest quality standard, and have adopted management procedure that ensure that client can be confident of effectiveness of our workplaces.

Our strong international connection assist us in organizing the protection of our local client’s intellectual property overseas, and in assisting overseas clients requiring protection in Indonesia. All members of the law firm have been admitted to practice as solicitors, and have worked in the intellectual property field for many years. They are experienced in both of litigation or non-litigation on intellectual property and commercial law.

The firm of "SMA" regularly provides legal assistance on matters of particular significance or complexity for client that may consult with other counsel on more routine matters, and have negotiated resolutions short or litigation when our client desire to avoid the delay and expense that litigation in variably entails.

Our law firm establish in Indonesia, more than 10 years experiences. We give you complete range of law services to protect your all legal aspect.

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