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Intellectual Property Pratices For Copyright

Copyright protected when the person creates a literary, musical, scientific or artistic works, he or she is the owner of the work and is free to decide on its use and can control the destiny of the work. Mere ideas in themselves are not protected, only the way in which the are expressed.

Copyright is legal protection extended to the owner of the rights in an original work that he has created. It comprises two main sets of the rights: the economic right and the moral rights. The economic right, are the rights of reproduction, broadcasting, public performance, adaptation, translation, public recitation, public display, distribution, and so on. The moral right include the author’s right to object to any distortion, mutilation and other modification of his works that might prejudicial to his honor or reputation.

We can :

  • Advise you on whether your copyrights
  • Advising on computer, database and issues arising from
  • Preparing documentation music and film production
  • Drafting recording, publishing arrangement
  • File and prosecute your copyright applications
  • Conduct investigation rights against infringe
  • Provide technical support for copyright licensing
  • Negotiate and settle copyright disputes in which you may become involved and litigation proceeding
  • Advising for copyright aspect on merchandising, artist management & sponsorship arrangement.
  • Enforce your rights against infringe.


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