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Intellectual Property Pratices For Patent

A Patent is a temporary monopoly granted by the government to an inventor in return for disclosing the invention to the public in a patent specification. The monopoly generally provides the patentee with the exclusive right to exploit the invention in the country in which the patent is granted.

In order to be patentable, an invention must be novel, involve an inventive step, and industrial applicable. Confidentiality, is essential that an invention is not disclosed to anyone before a patent application is filed. Disclosure may take place by the spoken word, drawings, a written description, exhibition, use or sale.

Suyud Margono & Associates Patent Attorney can :

  • Advise you on the patent ability of your innovation
  • Work with you to prepare patent specifications
  • Conduct searches of patens and technical literature
  • File and prosecute your local and overseas patent applications before the relevant patent offices
  • Conduct infringement searches
  • Investigate the validity of patens
  • File and conduct oppositions to the grant of patents
  • Provide technical support for licensing and litigation
  • Negotiate and settle patent disputes in which you may become involved
  • Organize renewal, watching, technical drawing, translation and related services
  • Enforce your rights against infringe


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