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Intellectual Property Pratices For Trademark

A trademark is a sign, usually a word, a logo or a combination of both, used with good or services in the course of trade, but it can also included a shape, scent, sound or aspect of packaging. A Trademarks used to distinguish the goods or services protected by the trade mark from those of other traders. It therefore assists in protecting the goodwill and reputation of the trade mark owner’s business. As result, a Trademark say something about the quality of the goods or services to the consumers.

One significant advantage of obtaining registration of trademark is to prevents others from using a similar mark on the good and services, anywhere in Indonesia.

We can :

  • Advise you on whether your trade mark is registrable
  • Searches of existing registered trademarks and applications
  • File and prosecute your local and overseas trademark applications before the relevant trademarks offices
  • Conduct infringement searches
  • Investigate the validity of registrations
  • File & conduct oppositions to the grant of trademark
  • Provide technical support for licensing and litigation
  • Negotiate and settle trade mark disputes in which you may become involved
  • Organize renewal, watching, translation and related services
  • Enforce your rights against infringe.

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